Summer Events

Rotary Heart

The Club Board met on Wednesday, May 29th, to talk about summer events, resumption of Club meetings, and make some decisions about what our summer looks like. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey I sent out a couple weeks ago. Your input was greatly appreciated.

With the health and well being of our members and patrons in mind, and to preserve the reputation of the club as being mindful of the safety of others, the unanimous consensus of the Board is to cancel our involvement in, and hosting of, any events this summer. This means the 2020 Wine & Cheese and the Antique Show and Sale have been cancelled. It was a tough decision, but we look forward to resuming our event schedule in 2021.

Additionally, our regularly scheduled in-person Club meetings will not resume until July 20th at the earliest. Obviously the Board will continue monitoring the situation pertaining to COVID-19, and will reassess as we get closer to that date. Until such a time as we can meet in person again, our regularly scheduled Monday Zoom meetings will continue at noon.

The decisions were difficult, but necessary, and I personally feel a combination of sadness and relief that we’ve postponed our events until 2021. Let’s hope that the pandemic comes to a quick end, and we can all get back to life as we once knew and enjoyed it. That said, because we will want to preserve the resources we have available to us, we will be unlikely to fund many, if any, projects in the near future so we can be prepared to resume our philanthropy and events next year.

Thank you for your support and for being an important part of a community-based service organization that has done SO much good in our area. This, too, shall pass…

Kindest regards,
Robin Ginner, President